Thank you for your kind words, love and support. It means a lot to me.

“In Single Smiling Mom, Carol takes us on her personal journey through not one but two of life's larger emotional, physical hurdles.  She does so by showing acceptance of self, appreciation of the simple things in life (family, friends, nature, and food).  A delightful book yet heartfelt leaving you the reader with many opportunities to reflect...”
~ Don Ely, author of Forgive and Let Go and Lead Engineer at ERC Kennedy Space Center

"A deeply vulnerable, incredibly insightful and beautifully written journey of one courageous woman's transformational journey through fear to love. Dive in and allow Carol's words to uplift you, inspire you and ultimately enlighten you!"
~ Laurel Geise, author of The Jesus Seeds: Igniting Your Soul-Guided Life.

“Beautiful... Wonderful...amazing and I finished the last pages I started to feel like it can't be’s just beginning... And in saying that realized what a profound meaning that has and it has resonated for me in my own life after reading these words of yours.  I feel ....I know things... life happens for reasons beyond our knowledge but for our greatest good! This book is proof of that.  I feel honoured and blessed to have felt a piece of this with you on this journey we call life.”
~ Mindy Grover, Executive Director at Boys and Girls Club of Olds

“This book can change many, many lives... Carol explains simply how one can change the circumstances of our lives.  Through a knowing of how the DIVINE Universe works.  One can tap into it.  Carol herself used this WISDOM to turn her own life around.  Everything truly is ENERGY... Even thoughts create.  This is now leading edge science... you don't need to know how it works... just BELIEVE it does... let Carol guide you to your happiest life. ”
~ Carl Stedmond, Self-Empowerment Coach, Singer/Songwriter

“WOW!! This book is a gift. It is a gift to anyone trying to figure out how to navigate through a world of challenges. Carol’s strength in taking control of her body, mind and spirit shows how miracles can happen and through her example, how we can manifest miracles for ourselves. This is a book to be read and re-read whenever the need for inspiration sets in. It will inspire you to live a better life.”
~ Sue Methuen, author of ebook “Manifesting Miracles, Soul Mates & Parking Spots – Real Life Law of Attraction Stories”

“I love the book.  Such an inspiration.  God really has a hand in absolutely everything.  It made me laugh and cry and just simply smile as I read it.  You can’t help but see the emotion, joy and beauty in the words that Carol has written. I was blessed to be given an early opportunity to feel what she has chosen to share.  Thank you Carol for sharing this with us.”
~ Shelly Majore, works at Alberta Health Services

"This beautiful book is unlike any other personal account of living with cancer that I have read AND she does it as a single Mom!  Smiling Single Mom changed the way I think about cancer and parenting. This beautifully written book offers patients and families practical insights into how they can live their life more fully and derive meaning from amidst the heartbreak of a body-robbing illness.”
~ Janet Almond, business woman and mother

“It is all about telling your story, and hoping that it helps someone else as they travel that same road.  I admire your ability to single parent two children while going thru treatments – I am not sure how you did that but I know you will provide inspiration to anyone who reads your story.  I hope you gave yourself lots of pats on the back… they seem like great boys.”
~ Kimberley Rideout, author of Taken to my Knees